• Vladimirs Nordholm

    My projects


    This is a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on. It will be continuously updated as I release new things.

    Inscryption Card Creator

    Fan-made card generator for the game Inscryption that has been used over 200k times, which I’m very proud of. This project started when I made some easily printable PDFs for the base game cards.

    Because of these I’ve been (briefly) featured in an article by The Verge. This stemmed from my YouTube channel where I did some various Inscryption content for a while.

    I participated in two panels for two charity streams that raised US$2000 and US$3000 respectively, first in a creator interview and second in a content creator panel.


    Intuitive non-intrusive library to quickly swipe over multiple checkboxes. My old workplace’s internal admin system had this feature which was so handy, so I made a proper library for it, but with a non-hacky approach.

    iTerm2 Palette Creator

    Web application to create and modify iTerm2 color schemes. Built because I wanted to modify themes more easily, and now supports importing & exporting dual-themes.

    Especially fun since it’s authentically copying the style of native macOS elements with pure CSS.


    Convert semantically correct HTML into old-school RFC documents. You’re reading such a page right now.

    Smaller things

    ImageMagick CLI command builder in TypeScript. Used by generator.cards.
    VS Code extension for the time tracking tool "klog".
    Collection of tools I use for my macOS computer.
    Tool to optimize level codes for the small game Bunker Bustin' made by Yahtzee Croshaw.